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Welcome to the Club

Soumkine Pen&Paper Club welcomes those who love the idea of journaling and self-reflection but never find time for that.

Our goal is to give you the tools to become a better version of yourself and create the life you want to live through facilitated pen&paper sessions. See you there!

What to expect

Bi-weekly sessions

Facilitated by our well-being and self-reflection expert. The sessions are aimed at discovering yourself and getting clarity on your next steps in life. You may also think of it as taking pilates classes for your wit.

Cookies-free zone

Where you can freely express your thoughts on paper without worrying about third parties. 

Community of pen&paper lovers

We want to bring together those who share our vision and values and connect them through the Club. Let’s see what happens next together.

What you'll need for each session



Zoom Access

Standard session structure

Average lenght – 45 minutes

1. Warm-up

Checking in, setting expectations

2. Main exercise

Check the agenda for each session for more details

3. Cool down

Sharing reflections

Pen&Paper Club Pass

The pass is free of charge, but you’re always welcome to make a contribution.

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